Roger Adams

Executive Director

Roger is a Ventura local, respected waveski surfer at C-Street and co-founder of the highly successful Ventura Paddle-Surfing Championships. Roger has been wavesking since the 80’s and has attended numerous World Waveski Titles.

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Fletcher Burton


Fletcher lives in Pismo Beach and continually pushes waveski development with his latest design of an asymmetrical waveski being currently designed and tested in France. Fletcher was a regular competitor on the elite World Waveski Professional Tour and has stared in a number of waveski movies such as Gateway to Sorga.

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Doug Copeland


Doug moved to the USA to compete, grow waveski surfing and run waveski surfing contests. Doug currenlty lives in Pismo Beach area and has become very involved in introducing those living with disabilities to the healing power of the ocean through waveski and adaptive surfing. Doug is the contest director/organizer of the Ventura Paddle-Surfing Championships.

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Kyle Richardson

Media and Adaptive Surf

Kyle hails from Oregon and is fast becoming a world renown big wave waveski surfer. Kyle does not let the fact that he is a paraplegic hold him back and recently spent more that six months in Hawaii training for his big wave career. Kyle is a leading resource in the design of adaptive waveski’s

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Brian Kuszmar

East Coast Representative

Brian lives in Florida and is a co-founder of the Ventura Paddle-Surfing Championships, Brian has also been waveski surfing since the 80’s and is always willing to sacrifice his place in the championships to ensure others can enjoy themselves

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